Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 Restored After Massive Outage

October 5, 2020 by No Comments

Microsoft claims that recent software update caused a major outage of its email service. Microsoft 365 with Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Teams also fell victim to the huge outage. Microsoft 365 services also suffer major outage with major impacts on multiple services. Get the full story.

Microsoft is aware of the problem and is working on it to restore normal operations.

In a statement, the firm stated that the problems on its service affected not just its email services, but it’s Sharepoint infrastructure as well. It further said that this was the biggest issue so far of the Microsoft 365.

Microsoft has been providing email services for more than a decade now. It is the main service offered by Microsoft to its clients. It is also used for managing contacts, documents, calendars and reminders to make them available on the internet. Microsoft has also launched some exciting innovations in this domain in the past few years.

The email services provided by Microsoft are the most used services in Microsoft’s infrastructure. Its email server is a huge database that stores millions of email messages across different networks like MSN, Exchange, Gmail and many others. In the case of a major breakdown, the email service may face issues with the server getting inaccessible.

In the past, the Microsoft email system was also prone to attacks, due to which the system was prone to failures. This caused huge inconvenience for users, who were unable to access their email.

Microsoft also offers its Exchange service, which is used for sharing of important emails between organizations and people.

However, the recent outage of Microsoft Exchange also poses problems for the entire system.

Microsoft Exchange also acts as an email server where emails are sent from one location to the other, which are then sent to other people as attachments. The problem with Microsoft Exchange is that it may be subjected to security breaches, which can allow an intruder to get into the server and read and send sensitive information.

According to experts, the problem with Microsoft’s email service has been caused by a security flaw. The flaw was found when a server was hacked into by a group of hackers.

As a result, the email system of Microsoft has been down for over a week, as it was affected by a major attack. Microsoft has released patches to fix the problem, but users still have to wait for them. In addition to the server down, the company’s Sharepoint infrastructure also suffered a major outage.

The major problems faced by the Microsoft Sharepoint system are caused by two major flaws, one of which affects all Sharepoint servers. This flaw is called an SQL injection vulnerability.

In the case of this vulnerability, any user on a Sharepoint server, can get the ability to modify the database of the system without proper authorization. This means that if an administrator wants to make a change to the Sharepoint database, they can do so without consulting the administrator, by using the privilege to write to the database.

This means that an attacker can insert malicious code in a Sharepoint server and modify the database remotely, which will cause the system to stop functioning. Users cannot make any changes to the database, because no administrator is able to make any changes.

A second flaw is a general flaw that is found in all Microsoft systems, which is known as SQL corruption. This happens when the SQL Server is forced to work on invalid data that it was not designed for.

If the system encounters invalid data, it will stop working and will return an error message. This is why it is very important to make sure that the data that you store is encrypted before installing the Microsoft Exchange service.

Since there is a risk of these two flaws being exploited, Microsoft has released an application called Microsoft Security Essentials (MSSE). The application will automatically detect these vulnerabilities and prevent them, thus making the server and network less vulnerable to attacks.

The problem of Microsoft Exchange being affected by a server outage is also linked to the Microsoft Security Center, which is one of the most powerful security tools available today. However, there are also other ways to protect your network and avoid a server outage from affecting your productivity.