Think You Know Managed Wifi? Think Again

June 14, 2021 by No Comments

Managed WiFi is now a popular business solution which allows an enterprise to outsource the various tasks involved such as laying, securing, configuring, maintaining, tuning, and/or updating a WiFi network to a third-party service provider. This is usually done through a WAN / LAN setup for all the departments in an enterprise. The service providers offer managed access to the various wireless networks provided by the enterprise. This is done either through the use of internet-connected personal computers or remotely through a web interface.

Some managed wifi service providers provide hardware based solutions to facilitate managing the per access points (PA). A client device is configured with parameters on its access point (PA). These parameters are used by the managed wifi service to determine whether it should allow communication or not with a particular site. In addition, it also helps a business to monitor all the wireless devices within a radius and know what is happening at any given moment.

For large businesses, it is very impractical to keep track of all the employees’ internet usage. For this reason, a managed wifi solution is provided by the service provider to ensure total compliance with all the policies and regulations of the organization. It also helps in reducing costs involved with controlling the internet usage. One such service that is provided by many companies is desktop management software. With the help of this software, an enterprise can monitor the internet usage at the offices themselves.

Most of the managed wifi providers have their own application software.

They have created customized software for each and every computer in their data center. This helps them get real-time information about the systems installed at their facilities. It gives details about the number of computers and the internet connections installed in the data center. The software also provides detailed information regarding the websites being used and the time these websites are being accessed by various departments within the organization.

Businesses must first decide upon the kind of Managed WiFi they want for their business. If businesses have just started operating then choosing a managed service provider can be very easy because most of these providers provide free software. Installation of the software is also very simple. Businesses that already have an established operation can opt for those managed wifi systems which are actually integrated with their existing data center infrastructure. However, small and new businesses can opt for the unmanaged solutions as these can be easily configured with the help of the guidance software.

Many of the managed wifi solutions also have instant access firewalls.

These firewalls can be used to prevent unauthorized access to the computers. The major benefits of this solution include complete hardware isolation. Users are not allowed to connect to any computer running with the software without the authorization of the management station. Wireless networks are easily accessible to the management staff without compromising on network security.

Most of the managed wireless solutions offer different plans for different organizations. There are plans that are suitable for small companies and there are even more plans designed for large corporations. There are different providers who offer managed wifi services to all kinds of organizations. Therefore, there are no restrictions on the size of your company. You can get the support you need for setting up multiple access points.

  • One of the advantages of managed wifi is that it provides users with the ability to establish a secure connection.
  • There are several different kinds of Managed WiFi plans and each of them offers a unique set of features. Businesses should choose the plan that best suits their needs so that the entire process can be conducted within a fraction of the time.
  • Businesses should take note that a managed wireless access point can be considered as a replacement for public wifi networks.
  • A fully managed public wifi network will require the acquisition of a license from the government.